Jake Parr
Solutions Engineer

Jake's journey into the insurance industry is nothing short of a family legacy. With a lineage spanning three generations, including his mother, grandfather, and uncle, who collectively founded and nurtured thriving insurance enterprises over the past four decades, Jake was immersed in the world of insurance from a young age. During his teenage and young adult years, he eagerly embraced part-time roles within each of these family-run businesses, gaining invaluable insights into the multifaceted landscape of the insurance industry.

As he continued to amass knowledge, experience, and expertise, Jake discerned a unique niche within the insurance realm. He focused his efforts on the School Device Coverage and Tech Device Coverage divisions, where he excelled in forging strategic partnerships with fellow industry vendors and cultivating high-level relationships with school districts and corporate clients alike. His adeptness in structuring these business development ventures has played a pivotal role in advancing the success of his family's insurance enterprises.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jake finds solace and enjoyment in the great outdoors. Whether it's casting a line into serene waters while fishing, embarking on thrilling hunting adventures, or taking center stage to share his love for country music with an eager crowd, Jake embraces life's diverse experiences with enthusiasm and skill.