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SDC will work with your district to implement a program that works well for the district, parents, and students.

Scenario 1: Districts provide devices to the students. Parents purchase coverage for devices on SDC's website.

Scenario 2: Districts provide devices to the students. The district informs SDC of insured devices (typically via spreadsheet).


SDC has a lot of experience in insuring school issued devices.

We know how to assess the expected claims based on the types of devices being issued. We know repair costs for broken screens, broken keyboards, etc. We know how many devices on average will be lost, stolen, or damaged.

We want to build a relationship with your district. We will offer the best possible rate possible.

Easy Claims

We recognize that districts have different needs.

SDC streamlines the claims process. Most claims result from damaged devices. SDC makes it easy for parents/students to file claims, and we provide clear instructions on how a parent or student should proceed after claims are filed.

Repeat business is our objective and a simple claims process is key to keeping parents and districts happy!

Things SDC Needs To Know About Your Ed Tech Program

While it is a straight forward sign up process, there is some coordination required between us to make this the best possible experience.
  • We need to know what devices are being issued. Chromebooks, iPads, Macbook Airs, or any other devices. The type of the device and year of device dictates the premium charged because there are substantial differences in repair/replacement costs for each device.
  • We need an estimate on the number of devices that will be deployed.
  • We need a list of the schools that will be participating in the program.
  • We need to know your district's preferred method for repairing devices. Repair solution options are:
    • District repairs – Can your district repair screens onsite? If so, we will reimburse your district for the repairs – please provide the cost to repair the screen.
    • OR - We can utilize our local repair facility – parents can drop off the device, or in some cases we can have the repair shop pick up the damaged devices.
    • OR - We can utilize our mail-in depot.
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Learn About Our 1:1 Claims Process

Claims are entered by the parent/student on schooldevicecoverage.com. To file a claim, they first log into their account here. The claims process is customized and varies depending on the preferences of the district.

Claims for damaged devices may be handled in any of the following ways:

  • SDC usually has an arrangement with a repair facility in or around your district. Parents can take the damaged device to the repair facility, or in some cases we can have the repair facility pick up the damaged devices from the school. SDC then pays the repair facility.
  • Some districts prefer that the devices be returned to the school first for inspection. Some schools fix their own devices, and sometimes the devices are sent out for repair. SDC pays for the associated costs.
  • SDC can send a box to the parents for mailing the damaged device to a repair facility. This is an option for districts that do not fit into the first two options.

The claims process for lost and stolen devices is straight forward. A claim is filed and a payment goes to the parent to reimburse the school. A police report is required for stolen devices.

SDC will customize and implement the best solution to support your district and your students' families.


1:1 Questions & Answers For Districts


Must all schools in a district participate in the insurance?

No. SDC will provide insurance on all or just one school in a district.

What are the insurance payment options?

Credit card and checks.

Can districts make insurance mandatory?

Requiring parents to purchase insurance is done by many school districts.

Can districts send an Excel or CSV spreadsheet to SDC with all of their issued devices?

Yes. SDC's goal is to make the process easy for the districts/schools. Typically, if districts mandate parents purchase insurance, then you know the students and serial numbers. You may send us a spreadsheet of the issued devices.

Is there a limit on the number of claims a family may file on a device per year?

No. There is no limit on the number of claims that can be filed. Some students have multiple claims and some students never have a claim. That's the nature of insurance.

How long does it take for the insurance to be set up and coordinated between SDC and the district?

Planning ahead is always prudent. The details can be determined on a phone call, but it takes time for SDC to create flyers and distribute them to your district/schools. We prefer to have everything completed at least a week before school starts.


1:1 Insurance Summary


Two simple questions will determine the path a district takes regarding insurance.

  1. Will the parents of the student be responsible for damage to the district's 1:1 school issued devices?
  2. If the answer to question one is "yes", then what are the districts preferences for insurance?

Schooldevicecoverage.com has been providing insurance on 1:1 school issued devices for many years. We have the experience and expertise to provide the best insurance solution for your districts needs.


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Michele Marasca is our Account Director. She sat down and spoke with Garrett Kerr, the Coordinator of Educational Technology for Tustin Unified School District, to discuss some of the ins and outs of their highly successful 1:1 program.

Here is how that conversation went: