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In July 2018 we updated You now have a login account/password. For returning customers your email is your account. And if you have insured multiple devices with us then your password is the password on your last order.

Why did we create accounts?

In the past if you insured a device issued by your school every year for four years then you got four passwords! And you ended up with a lot more passwords if you had multiple children and thus insuring multiple devices every year.

Now you have one account!

You can now log in with your email and password and start new orders, complete unpaid orders, see your order history, and file a claim. All from one account!

If you need to retrieve your password then click here.

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School Device Coverage insures school issued laptops, iPads, Chromebooks and other electronics issued to students through school or district run 1:1 programs. We work with school districts to provide the best insurance rates possible. We insure against damage, loss, and theft while providing a solution that is more economical, and more comprehensive than a traditional manufacturer warranty. We work with repair facilities local to your area so if your student damages a device the repair process is easy. Our claims process is straight forward!

Protect yourself from unforeseen costs! Electronics are delicate with the cost of repairing a broken device averaging at about $150 and the cost of replacing a lost or stolen device at about $400 for an iPad and $850 for a laptop. School device coverage provides you peace of mind.


Who is school device coverage? Why buy protection coverage? How does it work?


Receive a flyer from your school for insurance? Protect yourself.


You must log in using your email and password to file a claim. Our claims filing and processing system handles your claim in 7-10 working days.


Is your school not covered by our policy? Leave us their contact information and we'll see if they're interested.


Are you a school administrator looking to get coverage for your students' electronics? Leave us your contact information and we'll see if a partnership is a good fit.

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Click here to see our standard coverage conditions. Conditions may vary by school/district.

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