School Device Coverage is partnered with MAXCases.

"MAXCases is a U.S-based company dedicated to the education market. We design protective solutions that enhance learning and help schools maximize their IT budgets. We’re known for our highly-protective products: Chromebook cases and iPad cases plus accessories and cases for other popular mobile devices. We’re also known for our “do-whatever-it-takes” customer support."

School Device Coverage is partnered with Gumdrop.

"For over a decade, Gumdrop has designed and patented groundbreaking protection for educational tech devices of all kinds. In fact, our cases are tailor-made for over 60 laptops and tablets and they’ve kept over 5 million devices safe. As a leader in rugged tech protection, we work with global teams to scale quickly, earning a 100% customer satisfaction rating. We’re a trusted partner to over eight thousand school districts nationwide, and it’s our mission to keep students connected to the educational tools they need by maintaining tech with a range of protection options."


School Device Coverage is partnered with NutKase Accessories, a fantastic company that supplies elegant and strong protective cases for Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and tablets.

Don’t forget to inquire with a School Device Coverage agent if you are interested in having a NutKase protect your 1:1 virtual learning devices.

Upstaging Inc

During this very uncertain time, school districts are looking for ways to provide the best in-school learning while keeping their students and teachers safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Upstaging Inc. has been manufacturing and providing safety barrier products for health care industries, restaurants and schools. Since that time, they have also collaborated with several school district facilities teams to manufacture creative solutions for classrooms, cafeterias, offices, and health centers.

Please take a look at their catalog. They are happy to ship you samples of their face shields, as well as their economy student desk shields. They are also happy to bring their whole product line to you with one of their demo vans. That way you can test out and see the quality their products provide. They can also walk through and share what other districts have done to keep their schools safe. All products in stock, immediate shipping!

Please note that Upstaging Inc. is able to do custom orders for any area that needs it. Their goal is to get your faculty and students protected in the most cost-efficient way.

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