Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my device is damaged?

Log into your account. Click on the File Claim link for your order and follow the instructions.

How do I file a claim?

Bring up your policy on the claims page by providing your email address and the password that was emailed to you when you submitted the application for your device. Follow the instructions on that page to file a claim.

After I file a claim for loss or theft how long does it take to receive payment?

Usually within 5 to 7 business days after you pay any applicable deductible.

If my device is stolen do I need to file a police report?

If your device is stolen please alert the school first and then file a police report.

What is my deductible?

Log in to the policy page to view the details of your policy. Your deductible depends on the plan you had purchased.

How do you determine the replacement cost for the device?

We don't determine the price. The school district provides a replacement and we reimburse the district.

Do I need to get a repair estimate with my claim forms?

Yes. We cover loss and theft outside of your school.

Is my device covered by my homeowner's policy?

You will have to check with your homeowners insurance to see whether your device is covered by their policy as well as what deductibles may apply.

Are there riders or endorsements?


Can I cancel my coverage?

You may cancel purchase of coverage for a free refund within ten (10) days of purchase.

How can school administrators get coverage for other schools?

Please email us at

Do you have an underwriter and what is their rating?

We provide this insurance coverage through The Continental Insurance Company.

Do warranties provide the same coverage?

Warranties generally do not provide protection against accidental damage, loss or theft. Warranties typically cover manufacturer defects.

Can my premium increase if I file a claim?

No, your premium is fixed for the entire school year. We price coverage for the entire school district not individuals.

If I file a claim can my coverage be cancelled?


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