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What is 1:1 Computing?

In the classroom, one-to-one or 1:1 computing refers to the program by which schools deploy electronic devices like iPads or Chromebooks, to students, for use throughout the school year as a part of their education plan. These devices typically house curriculum, digital course materials, may access the internet, and have digital textbooks. Students use their devices the same way they would use a pen, paper, and textbook.

Tustin Unified School District provides K-12 education to 24,000 students

Michele Marasca spoke with Garrett Kerr, Tustin Unified School District's coordinator of educational technology, to discuss some of the ins and outs of their highly successful 1:1 program.

What Are the Benefits of 1:1 Computing?

Some educators see 1:1 computing as the natural progression of education, as we continue to blaze a trail into a digital world. 1:1 programs level the playing field between students whose parents have means, and those who do not. School issued educational technology devices are giving students from all walks of life, equal access to a good education. Educational environments become more easily collaborative, when 1:1 computing is in play.

How Does 1:1 Computing Work?

Typically, a school or school district will research different devices, based on the curricular needs of the program. Devices like iPads and Chromebooks are traditionally the most sought after, while many districts also elect to use devices like the Microsoft Surface, or even a standard Apple or PC laptop. Upon procurement, devices are deployed to the student body, along with a list of rules and information. These normally include a digital citizenship pledge, and rigid standards for device use.

Once distributed, most 1:1 programs allow students to take devices home on nights and weekends. Some even keep them over the summer, or other extended breaks.

Many or sometimes all classroom and scholastic activities, then take place on or in conjunction with the device.

What Does the Future of 1:1 Computing Look Like

From our perspective at School Device Coverage, we see nothing but growth. As the world moves toward a digital-first market for media, education will follow closely. Children consume data digitally, and we do not see this reverting. At School Device Coverage, we receive calls weekly, telling us that they are in the planning stages of rolling out new 1:1 programs.

If you are launching a 1:1 program for your school or district, and have questions on best practices, what has worked for other districts, or if you would like to include an insurance option in your rollout, please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team.

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