Back to School Tech Protection

calendar 09.14.2023 calendar Matt Morelli
As the back-to-school season sweeps us into a whirlwind of new lessons, fresh experiences, and bustling hallways, one thing remains constant: the importance of school device insurance. Whether you're a parent eager to secure protection for your child's school-issued devices or a school district with a fleet of technology assets to manage, safeguarding your valuable devices is an ongoing necessity.
Don't wait until the next incident happens; take action today to secure the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive insurance coverage from School Device Coverage. Your devices serve as both educational tools and valuable assets deserving of protection.
Tablet on a desk with a vibrant 'Back to School' display.
Benefits of School Device Coverage:
Some of the benefits of School Device Coverage are as follows:
Tips for Device Care:
When it comes to safeguarding technology, it's essential to continually remind students and device managers to exercise due care. Encourage the use of protective cases, regular data backups, and responsible device handling practices. These proactive measures remain relevant, regardless of when insurance coverage is obtained.
As we navigate the school year ahead, remember that securing your devices with school device insurance from School Device Coverage is a decision that can be made at various times. Whether you're a parent looking to enroll while the district portal is open or a school district considering coverage options, protecting your devices is a wise move that ensures uninterrupted learning.