Device Breakage Is on the Rise

calendar 08.13.2018 calendar Matt Morelli
As the popularity of 1:1 computing programs is on the rise, so are the figures on how often these devices get damaged, as well as the replacement costs. The average time it takes from purchasing your device to breaking it is 10 weeks. That means that within the first two and a half months of school, it is likely that a device will sustain some form of damage, be lost, or stolen.
An average school year has 35 weeks. If your child breaks their device in the first 10 weeks, they have more than two thirds of the school year to go without a device, or with one that you’ve paid dearly to replace. The average cost of an iPad used for schools is around $499, and that doesn’t include a keyboard or any other accessories your child may need.
With so much going on in and out of school, the list of ways devices are being broken could go on for days. That said, the backpack, where one would assume it is most safe, is also the most common location that breakage takes place. Extra steps can be taken to protect devices, like adding screen protectors, or padded pockets for storage, but it’s challenging to cover all potential risks, all the time.
That’s where School Device Coverage becomes your lifesaver. Rather than paying the $150 – 200 to replace the screen or the almost $500 for a new device, you pay an affordable yearly insurance premium, and we cover and coordinate the rest. You’ve already got enough to stress about as a parent, or as a teacher, let us worry about your child’s device so you don’t have to.
Man picking up damaged device from the floor.