Holiday Festivities and Student Device Safety

calendar 11.01.2023 calendar Matt Morelli
With the holiday season officially upon us, it's a time for joyous gatherings, festive activities, and, for many, travel to see loved ones. Amid the celebrations, it's important to remember the school-issued devices that travel along with your students. These essential tools for learning can be vulnerable to the increased risks of the holiday hustle and bustle. This guide is designed to help parents and school administrators work together to ensure these valuable learning tools remain safe, whether they're at home, on the road, or in the classroom.
Image: Students at home celebrating a holiday on Zoom surrounded by drinks and snacks.
Device Safety Starts with Preparation
Preparation is key in protecting school-issued devices. Administrators should distribute device care checklists and secure each device with a durable case and screen protector before students depart for the holidays. Parents can contribute by ensuring these devices are always cased and by reinforcing the school's guidelines. Encourage students to back up their work and stay aware of support channels available during the break. Insure your fleet with School Device Coverage for that extra layer of holiday peace of mind.
Keeping Devices Secure on the Go
Travel increases the chances of devices being misplaced or stolen. Refreshing students on the importance of strong passwords, enabling tracking software, and keeping devices secure in public spaces can reduce these risks. With School Device Coverage, you'll have the assurance that lost or damaged devices can be replaced or repaired. Clear instructions on what to do if a device is compromised will keep parents and students prepared for any scenario.
Balancing Screen Time and Holiday Cheer
While away from school, devices might become the main source of entertainment for students. It’s essential for school administrators and parents to work together in promoting a healthy balance between screen time and family interaction. Suggest holiday-themed educational content to engage students and maintain learning, even during festive times.
Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats
Administrators can take this opportunity to remind families about the risks of unsecured networks. It’s a good time to update cybersecurity protocols and communicate them to parents and students, reinforcing the need for vigilance when connecting to unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks. Use personal hotspots if possible, and make sure anti-virus and anti-malware protection is up to date. Remind students about the importance of not sharing personal information online, especially on public networks.
Guiding Proper Use by Children
Parents and educators can collaborate to set clear expectations about device use during the holidays. Discuss appropriate use, and consider setting up parental controls for younger students. It’s an excellent time to promote activities that don't involve screens, encouraging students to enjoy other aspects of the holiday season.
Avoiding the Holiday Hazards
The holiday season is full of fun but also presents many potential hazards to electronic devices. A hot chocolate spill or an accidental drop during holiday activities can happen in a blink. Consider setting 'no device' zones in areas where messy, sticky foods or holiday punches are present. With School Device Coverage, you can enjoy the festivities knowing that if mishaps occur, we’ve got you covered.
Ensuring a Joyful, Secure Holiday Season
With School Device Coverage, your district's fleet of 1:1 devices are shielded against the perils of the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to ensure your educational tools are insured. Let us help maintain a joyful, stress-free holiday for everyone. Contact us today to secure your technology investments, and keep your students' learning on track, no matter what the holiday season brings. Reach out to secure your School Device Coverage today!