1:1 Device Insurance at No Cost to District
calendar 06.08.2020 calendar Matt Morelli
This year is different.
We know that. We're in constant communication with hundreds of school districts across the US and the common challenge that everyone is facing, is budgetary. Specifically --- the overwhelming majority of districts with whom we are in discussions are unsure of what their budget will look like for the 2020 - 2021 school year.
Sound Familiar?
The challenge.
The risk that comes with deploying tech devices to students, regardless of their individual cost, is that some of them will break. Some of them will be stolen. Some of them will be lost. While it may sound simple to self-insure, or just fix and replace devices as needed, it doesn't take much before that method spirals out of control.
Technology departments usually do not have the luxury of sitting around waiting for small problems to fix. You're in the weeds every day, trying to stay current with the problems that are already present.
The sheer volume of devices that end up needing service every year can quickly become insurmountable. We've seen it. It can get bad. This can and does lead to broken surplus that ends up permanently occupying storage bins, wasted money, and hours upon hours of time spent trying to dig out of a black hole.
Stack Laptops
We have a solution.
When your budget is in question, or simply not enough to cover your device fleet, you have options!
  • Parent buy:The district parents are presented with an opportunity to purchase insurance on the device(s) that their child(ren) take home. This can result in 10% - 30% or more of your devices being covered, on average.
  • Hybrid: The district, and the district parents share in the cost of covering devices. The district can achieve 100% coverage without outlaying 100% of the cost.
Roughly 80% of the districts with whom we work, run one of these scenarios. The fact is, you do not need to have a massive budget to cover some or all of your device fleet. A School Device Coverage insurance agent can listen to your needs, understand your budget and concerns...and then engineer a program that delivers the perfect solution.
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