Why Do We Need Insurance for Our District Devices?
calendar 04.25.2020 calendar Matt Morelli
Because you don't know what you don't know.
I suppose I should expound on that and make this an actual blog, as opposed to simply answering the question. You need insurance because it is the best, most comprehensive form of protection available for the considerable investment that your district has made in 1:1 technology. Period. No other form of protection can stand up to it. Self-insurance, manufacturer warranty, manufacturer accidental damage protection (ADP), technology fee, crossing fingers, the district master policy, and really hoping nothing breaks. None of these...
Much of the aforementioned lacks coverage in areas that are too crucial to remain apathetic, comes with claims limitations, or does not raise enough capital to truly cover ALL devices.
In 2019, we had a strong economy, record-breaking low unemployment rates, and while there was a lot of political rancor in the media --- most Americans were generally optimistic about the future. Fast forward to the future (April of 2020 as of writing)...all of that is gone. The world has been hit by a rapidly moving virus with no cure, mass unemployment, and the economy is on the precipice of total collapse. How many of us saw this coming? None of us knew that this would happen, hence the phrase --- you don't know, what you don't know.
We know now that being prepared for this event ahead of time would have been prudent. But, hindsight is always 20/20. We should have taken the time before it was even a problem to stock up on necessities like N95 masks and oh, say...toilet paper? Now though, we're here, wondering what the future will hold. Failure to prepare has prepared us for failure.
Thinking with 20/20 foresight, taking into consideration how rapidly our "program" has crumbled around us...it makes a little more sense to plan for the worst while striving for the best. Fully insuring the district's fleet of devices, always takes into consideration and protects against the worst but delivers the best.
Instead of going on and turning this blog post into a novel, if you agree with any of the above and want to meet one of our agents to discuss the specifics of your needs to uncover how we can provide coverage against all risk of accidental damage, loss, and theft of your devices, click here and complete this form. An agent will get in contact with you to learn more about how your program operates, and how we can help make it operate better.
We engineer custom insurance programs for your iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, and laptops. Each program enjoys perks like unlimited claims, no deductibles, and a repair program that can include your district technicians, local repair shops, or mail-in to our depot. Connect with us and we'll show you the SDC difference.
Insurance For District Devices