Some of the Best iPad and Chromebook Cases

calendar 08.17.2018 calendar Matt Morelli
Many schools and districts are now working to eradicate the paper-based learning model, with the introduction of a 1:1 program (one student, one device) which provides children with portable devices like the iPads and Chromebooks, many of which are able to be taken off of school grounds with the student.
A laptop being pulled out of its case.
It can be exciting for your child when they are issued a new educational technology device. However, it can also become a bit of a battle to protect these expensive and delicate electronics from the harsh treatment they sometimes receive. As a parent, it can be quite unnerving when you see your child running around the house holding the iPad or Chromebook, or even carelessly tossing it around the room.
Raise your hand if you’ve ever tossed your television remote at the couch only for it to bounce back in the air and land on the floor…
*raises hand…
Though getting school device insurance for them is a must, you naturally will want the device to last longer, and the best solution will be to get a protective case that can add extra protection in vital areas.
Below, we will be looking at some of the best-selling iPad cases as well as the top manufacturers and best-selling Chromebook cases.

NutKase Accessories

School Device Coverage is partnered with NutKase Accessories, a fantastic company that supplies elegant and strong protective cases for Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and tablets. You can check out their wide range at www.nutkase.com. Don’t forget to inquire with a School Device Coverage agent if you are interested in having a NutKase protect your 1:1 virtual learning devices.
Adding an iPad protective case has the benefit of preventing cracks when your child drops the device from any measurable height, onto a surface that is less forgiving than a bed, couch, or carpet. Some of the cases on the market also come with a level of water resistance to help avoid aquatic damage.
However, before choosing an iPad case, there are several factors you need the consider, like the iPad model. You need to ensure that the case you purchase is suitable for your child’s model. You don’t want to buy a case that will cover the charging or earpiece port, or one that doesn’t fit since some models vary in dimensions.
You also need to think about the level of protection suitable for your scenario. This mostly depends on the age of your child, and the environment in which the iPad will spend most of it’s time. If your child is older, then you may need a less bulky case than that for kindergarteners, which may require cases with more shock absorbing materials.
Here Are Some iPad Case Options...

BMOUO – BMOUO ShockProof Case Cover with Handle

This BMOUO case cover is specially designed for children and has become quite popular lately. It has a very useful handle that can be converted into a stand. The case is made with double thick shock absorbing silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
The case cuts out a clear space for all buttons and comes in different colors. It is designed for use on the iPad 2, iPad 3, and the 4th generation tablets.

OtterBox – OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad

Otterbox is a well-known name for quality and sturdy phone accessories, and the defender series conforms to their expected quality standards. This casing comes with three layers of protection that covers the entire iPad, shielding the screen and body from drops and shocks. It’s specifically made for 5th and 6th generation iPad tablets. The sleek design, and protection the casing provides, will make you worry less about your child handling of the iPad.

Favormates – Favormates Backlit Keyboard Case

This is an excellent iPad case cover from Favormates, a reputable accessories' manufacturer. This case is ideal if your child is older, and it comes with a keyboard that can be used with the iPad. The ultra slim keyboard is excellent for classroom activities; it has a thickness of 4mm, which makes typing faster and more comfortable, and does not take up a lot of space.
The case provides full cover for the device and is ideal for 5th gen, 6th gen, and iPad Air. The keyboard is made from alloy material which provides structural integrity for the device.
For Chromebooks, the list ranges from clips to carry-all bags and should help you pick the right casing for your child’s device.

amCase – The amCase Chromebook Case

This is a protective cushioned Chromebook case that perfectly conforms to your device. This case is perfect to house the device when your child is on the move. The padded texture cushion is designed to absorb shock from bumps and dings; and it provides a foam wrap, to provide maximum protection from top to bottom of the bag. There is additional storage inside the bag to keep the adapter, cables, and other accessories.

Case Logic – The Case Logic Sleeve

Case Logic
This clean and portable laptop case from Case Logic is one of the most popular Chromebook cases for middle and high school students. Its sleek shape provides streamlined protection for Chromebook devices, while still maintaining style and class. It has foam padding that prevent damage from knocks and bumps. The case also has padded carry handles, which make it easy to carry.

iPearl – the iPearl Hard Shell

If you don’t want an enclosed case, then this sleek and colorful hard shell clip form iPearl will do. The casing is made from a high-quality translucent poly-carbonate material that is shatter-proof and will provide all around protection for the device. Its a perfect fit for 13.3” devices.

rooCASE- the rooCASE Bubble Sleeve

This case is suitable for students that need a sleeve with more storage space. It has space for peripheral devices as well as ample space for the Chromebook itself. It’s available in various colors, thus giving your children a little individuality while protecting their devices.
The case provides the standard protection from bumps, scratches, and also has a water-resistant neoprene exterior to protect against accidental liquid spillage.

Caseable – Design your own case!

This is a fantastic project from Casable which allows kids and students to design their Chromebook case.
You can customize the colors, print texts, images and every other part of the case graphics.
With options to create a design or upload your graphics, you can spend time playing around until you get your desired results.
Having a case for your child’s educational technology devices customized with their favorite colors or characters may be what’s needed to propel them to take proper care of the device.
Remember, these gadgets issued for the 1:1 program are very delicate, and ensuring that they last long is a financial responsibility that you’re accepting as a parent or guardian of a child who is issues a device. Making the decision to use a case, and purchase a low-cost iPad insurance or Chromebook insurance plan will likely end up saving you money in the short and long run. If your school district does not provide you with any insurance plans to choose from, click here and give us their information so that we can reach out and set something up for you!