This Should Not Be Happening
calendar 08.28.2019 calendar Matt Morelli
I'm going to paraphrase a statement that I just read, on a web forum for teachers. In a thread titled “Punishment for cracked screen?”, one commenter told the group the following:
"Cracked screens are fixed by insurance the first time. Then, the iPad can only be used at take home privileges. It’s checked out of and back into the office every day. It never leaves the school. Next, is the classroom iPad. You do not get to have your own any longer. get no tech device. No iPad, no Chromebook. You get a pencil and paper. From what I have been told by parents, it’s a living hell."
This should not be happening. This is unacceptable.
Education is catching up to technology, which is progressing forward at the speed of light. Punitive action against students who have broken a device more than once is not teaching them about responsibility. Instead, it is disallowing them to get an education on par with their peers. As curriculum is rapidly shifting away from books and towards technology, working on group projects becomes nearly impossible, lesson plans need to be heavily modified, and this places a huge burden on the teachers that have to account for "that kid" who now carries the stigma of being untrusted with technology.
This is a recipe for disaster.
Don’t punish children for accidentally breaking a device. Insure the device, and let us take on that burden. Districts may elect to obtain coverage on every device, or they may choose to allow parents who are interested in obtaining coverage do so independently. Regardless of your preferred method, every device that is insured is one less device the district needs to worry about, and one more student who is guaranteed equitable access to a quality education.
Call us now at 888.978.3515, email us at, or visit us here and fill out the short form you see there. Let us quote your program that we design together, along with you and your tech team. No child should be punished in a manner that will make it more challenging to get an education. We have a solution for that...
This Should Not Be Happening