Adriane Burckert
Sales Executive/Solutions Engineer
Adriane Burckert is a National Sales Executive/Solutions Engineer at U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc. She has been in sales for over 29 years, having worked with both the U-PIC Shipping Insurance and School Device Coverage brands. She began her career with U-PIC in 1996. Prior to joining U-PIC, she held a role in management at Jenny Craig, Inc.

She is a believer in total customer satisfaction, and as such, strives to understand the needs of her customers in order to engineer a solution that delivers the performance and value they expect. Adriane holds the unique role of working with both U-PIC and SDC clients. For U-PIC, Adriane is the liaison for our partners at the United States Postal Service. For SDC, Adriane works with school districts of all sizes, from coast to coast.

Adriane is a Southern California native who enjoys spending time with her two kids riding bikes, going to the beach, and hiking.