Adriane Burckert
Sales Executive/Solutions Engineer

Meet Adriane Burckert, a seasoned National Sales Executive and Solutions Engineer at U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc., with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years in sales. Adriane's journey has encompassed two prominent U-PIC brands, U-PIC Shipping Insurance, and School Device Coverage, since she initially joined the company in 1996. Her previous managerial role at Jenny Craig, Inc. further enriched her expertise.

Adriane is a steadfast advocate for total customer satisfaction. She ardently seeks to comprehend her customers' unique needs to craft bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed performance and value expectations. Her distinctive role spans across both U-PIC and SDC clients. In the U-PIC realm, she serves as the vital link to our esteemed partners at the United States Postal Service. Simultaneously, within the SDC domain, Adriane collaborates with school districts of varying sizes, spanning the entire nation from coast to coast.

Beyond her dynamic career, Adriane is a true Southern California native, deeply connected to the region's culture and lifestyle. She relishes spending quality time with her two children, often found riding bikes, enjoying sunny beach outings, and exploring scenic hiking trails. Adriane's life epitomizes the perfect balance between professional excellence and cherished family moments.