Jordan Parr
Solutions Engineer

Jordan embarked on her rewarding insurance career back in 2013 when she took on the role of an office assistant at U-PIC Insurance Services. Over the years, she has immersed herself in every facet of the organization, gaining an invaluable and comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape. In 2019, recognizing her exceptional talents, she made a strategic move to the School Device Coverage division, where she directly engages with new school districts. Her remarkable problem-solving skills and her innate ability to identify and forge partnerships with other companies have proven to be an immense asset to the school districts she serves.

In addition to her insurance career, Jordan holds a license as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), underlining her commitment to community well-being. She is a proud native of Southern California, where she was born and raised, and continues to reside today.

When she manages to carve out some well-deserved free time from her busy schedule, Jordan passionately pursues her favorite pastimes. She finds solace and exhilaration in the saddle, often exploring scenic trails on horseback. The calming and invigorating waves of the beach also hold a special place in her heart, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Moreover, as a resident of Los Angeles, Jordan is a connoisseur of the diverse and eclectic culinary adventures that this vibrant city has to offer, eagerly exploring new restaurants and savoring the rich tapestry of flavors that define the LA food scene.

Jordan's multifaceted journey, from her beginnings as an office assistant to her impactful role in insurance and her dedication as an EMT, reflects a life filled with diverse experiences and a commitment to making a positive difference, both personally and professionally."