Insurance Versus Warranty
calendar 05.20.2019 calendar Matt Morelli
Deploying costly edtech devices to students in 1:1 programs comes with a host of inherent risks. Among these are loss, theft, accidental damage, hardware issues, software issues, etc.
When purchasing devices, it may be tempting to purchase the manufacturer's extended warranty (sometimes referred to as an Accidental Damage Plan or ADP), but beware that the coverage for these risks that is offered through an extended warranty, may leave you in need of a lifeline...
Even when ADP coverage from multiple manufacturers is combined, the only coverage that is common between all ADP's and insurance, is local repair, and mail-in repair.
The other risks are covered by some ADP's and not others, or offered in limited availability subject to a deductible. There truly is no coverage as comprehensive or easy to use as School Device Coverage's insurance solution.
And best of all...School Device Coverage's insurance solutions tend to cost around the same price as a manufacturer's ADP program.
Protecting the devices in your 1:1 program is important not only for your students, but for the district to secure a higher trade-in value when the devices age out. The more devices still in good working condition, the less out of pocket expense the school will have when new devices are needed.
To learn exactly what School Device Coverage can do for you and your district's 1:1 edtech program, visit our site here and fill out the short and simple contact form.
Together, let's make sure your 1:1 is protected for the 2019/2020 school year!
Insurance Versus Warranty