Using Technology in the Classroom
calendar 02.19.2019 calendar Matt Morelli
The world around us has changed rapidly over the last few decades and the use of technology in the classroom is now commonplace. Gone are the days of dedicated computer time, in the (shared) computer lab – every lesson has the potential to be based around educational technology now.
Laptop computers, Chromebooks, and tablets are used everywhere outside the classroom, so it only makes sense that they should have now found their way into schools as useful and instructional technology devices. The use of EdTech is prevalent with laptops and tablets being used to provide virtual lessons where instruction is given via video, and students can progress at their own pace.
This eLearning system is more effective than traditional teaching, as those who are quick do not have to wait for those who learn a little more slowly, nor do the slower learners feel intimidated by those who are ready to rush ahead.
Studies have shown that information is often retained more easily by students who develop computer presentations around topics rather than those who just write notes and reports.
iPads and other tablets allow students to take notes along with photographs and audio recordings – ideal for use in lectures and making sure that all the facts are recorded correctly.
Even teaching technology has improved to the stage where instead of drawing on a board, the teacher can use a pre-prepared set of slides to bring clarity to any subject.
With the increasing combination of education and technology, the need for insurance has dramatically increased. Where in the past the biggest problem a student faced may have been snapping a pencil, electronic devices come at a much greater cost.
In a 1:1 computing situation, each student is given access to an electronic device – perhaps an iPad or Chromebook. 1:1 device insurance covers these devices even when they are taken home overnight or during breaks from school.
iPads are often towards the more expensive end of the tablet market, and due to their size and shape they are more easily broken or lost than some other devices. iPad insurance can protect you against damage, loss, or theft, giving you peace of mind knowing that your technology is safe.
While Chromebooks can be cheaper than iPads, Chromebook insurance is still a necessity for those school districts who focus on this kind of device. Breakages and loss can still happen, so it is a wise choice to protect your investment.
Laptop insurance is also available for non-ChromeOS devices that offer a more full-featured computing experience as you can never predict when accidents may happen.
To learn more, visit our 1-to-1 device insurance page, and contact us to get a rate quote for your district!
Using Technology In The Classroom